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Birth control options and more in this months newsletter.

We hope you are enjoying your summer. Between the festivals, the rodeos and camps we know how busy everyone is.  We are so blessed to live in an area that is designed to Celebrate!

We’ve been busy as well but wanted to catch up :)

Dr. Lara’s always says “Women deserve Options” 

Let’s talk birth control options this summer as it seems to be a trend in our office. This newsletter we would like to touch on is the Essure procedure. Next newsletter we’ll talk about IUD’s.

Essure is a permanent sterilization and alternative to Tubal Ligation. Here is what we love and don’t love about it:


  • No going under. Similar to our HD Liposuction procedure the Essure procedure is great because Moms do not have to go under general anesthesia.  
  • Cost effective. Especially for patients not covered by insurance. The average procedure cost is around $2500 compared to $15-18,000 for the alternative.
  • Results that are proven. Essure provides a higher rate of safety and assurance than the alternative
  • Minimally Invasive. “Patients get a quick cocktail, we laugh and in 3 minutes it’s over. Minimal pain. They can go out dancing the next night” says Dr. Lara

Not so much love:

  • It’s permanent. You have to know you are done with your family planning. Dr. Lara also requires a one on one consult to determine if this is right for you
  • Insurance Games. Under the Affordable Health Care act this procedure should be covered under preventive- meaning- No copay- No Authorization required. However it’s not been the case with some insurance companies

Overall this is a birth control option designed for today’s woman and one that Celebrating Women support.

Also check out our NovaSure procedure for help with excessive bleeding. Common options to aid in this issue include birth control and IUD. The NovaSure procedure is a in office alternative to a Hysterectomy.

New Payment Policy Change Effective September 1st.

Full (Patient  and Insurance) responsibility will be collected at time of service. Celebrating Women Center will submit insurance claims on behalf of all patients as courtesy. All patient reimbursement will be provided by Celebrating Women Center and issued via refund checks. Any patients that wish to submit their own clam can ask for their super-bill and HICA form. 
**Medi-Cal, Medicare patients exempted- Eligibility of Insurance required.
We’ll have a separate email and more detailed web page dedicated to this subject as we get closer. Of course, if you have any questions please feel free to call us at 805-988-7577.

HD Liposucton Offers, Discounts and Financing.

We’ve been doing around 17 High Definition Liposuction cases a month (Dec to July) and have surpassed goals and visions set back in September.  We are excited to offer a solution and option that is affordable and gets great results

Saturday August 3rd. from 10am to 2pm:

Join us for coffee and consults with Dr. K our resident chief Plastic Surgeon


Enjoy your summer and Celebrate You!


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