Breast Lift or Breast Augmentation Oxnard? These are the 4 most important questions to ask your Plastic Surgeon

Thinking about a breast job (lift or augmentation)? Check out the 4 Most Important Questions to ask your Plastic Surgeon in Oxnard before a breast lift or breast augmentation.


Dr. “K” see’s Ventura county patients at Celebrating Women Center in Oxnard.

Here are the 4 most important questions to ask before a breast lift or breast augmentation.

  1. Where are the incisions going to be placed and how many and what will it look like?
  2. Where will you get your breast implant placed? Where is your implant going to sit?
  3. What type of a breast implant? Silicone or Gummy Bear? Shape?
  4. What Size?

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Breast augmentation is the surgical placement of breast implants to increase fullness and projection of the breasts or to improve symmetry of the breasts.

Clinically referred to as augmentation mammaplasty, a breast augmentation procedure is used cosmetically to:

  • Enlarge a naturally small breast, most commonly the result of heredity
  • Restore breast volume lost following pregnancy, as a result of breast-feeding or due to weight loss
  • Achieve better symmetry when breasts are moderately disproportionate in size and shape
  • Enhance your self-image and self-confidence



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