Is Coolsculpting a costly scam? Why HD Liposuction really works

Coolsculpting vs HD Liposuction in Oxnard Ventura Camarillo

I’ve been dying to write this blog for quite a bit.  Actually since last summer when we were visited by sales reps selling Coolsculpting.  They loved throwing that a Harvard physician (like Dr. Lara) endorses Coolscultping. Anyone for the right price could endorse anything, right?

Anyways, the reps brought out the bulky equipment and walked us through “Financial Freedom”. We already had our opinion but based on what they presented we found out we were more than right and definitely had the better product.

Coolsculpting is a costly scam and what we already have (HD Liposuction) gets us the best results and is still the lowest risk.

Coolsculpting Scam

Follow us down the rabbit hole

  • The science behind it is more than fuzzy

During the presentation we told all sorts of numbers and figures (doctors love numbers and figures). But, when it came to the root of how it works this was not so clear.

“While the process is not fully understood, it appears that fatty tissue that is cooled below body temperature but above freezing undergoes localized cell death followed by a local inflammatory response, a local panniculitis,[4] that gradually over the course of several months results in a reduction of the fatty tissue layer. When exposed to extreme cold, the body’s usual response is to restrict circulation to keep the core of the body at the correct temperature. Cryolipolysis makes use of a powerful vacuum which adds to the inflammatory response by drawing blood up to the surface layers of the skin”

-from Wikipedia

Our interpretation: Doesn’t make sense

  • It is costly and marketing is a little shady (to both doctors and patients)

Ah, why every doctor does cosmetics now….the $$$$. Well, not at Celebrating Women Center and other ethical practices. But, this is a business and cost is important for everybody.

HD Liposuction Price Oxnard Camarillo Ventura Coolsculpting

The reps trying to get our office to use Coolsculpting explained how many offices were improving revenue and generating new patients by adding this service to their menu.

  1. They explained that the doctor doesn’t even need to perform the procedure, a medical assistant could do it. That sounds safe and wise! Not!!!
  2. They explained that most patients need multiple treatments and where you make the money is in bundling packages. However they train you to sell patients that it will be less treatments and time. Sounds like a contradiction to us

Coolsculpting makes their money on cartridges they sell, so the more treatments the better for them- Not for the patient and the doctor!


  • Coolsculpting Results are not Optimal

Coolsculpting Oxnard

One of the most important reasons people choose a body contouring or sculpting treatment is the results. Let’s take a peek behind the curtain.

  1. 25% Fat removal per treatment with Coolsculpting
  2. 85%  Percent Fat Removal per treatment with HD Liposuction
  3. Coolsculpting averages a 300% re-treatment rate (have to go get another treatment)
  4. HD Liposuction averages a .02 percent re-treatment rate
  5. Coolsculpting does not have precise sculpting
  6. HD Liposuction is all about precise sculpting

HD Liposuction has been a blessing for our practice and our patients. We see a 91% patient satisfaction rate, almost zero re-treatments and we can afford to offer very competitive pricing to our community.






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