This Girl Was So Scared to Visit her First Gynecologist but now she loves to come and spend time with her Dr. Lara

My first Gynecologist


Going to an Ob/Gyn can be a scary and overwhelming experience. We try to make the visits comfortable, fun and educational.

I guess we do alright since sometimes patients just come in to hang out! Here is one quick story about going from scared to loved!

“It’s an awesome responsibility and privilege that in a short amount time I can become call to a woman on all three levels:

  • Mental
  • Physical
  • Spiritual

I’ve always felt that a doctor should get to know should be able to express your needs. You are more than a Pap Smear- We owe it you as doctors to teach. I adore your first gynecologist visit.” Dr. Adrienne Lara

To find out more about What Women Really Want from their Gynecologist read Dr. Lara’s article about that very subject here:


Oxnard Gynecologist
Nervous visiting your Gyno?


OXNARD OBGYN First Gynecologist

 Questions you should ask at first gynecologist visit:

  • review you menstrual history
  • review your gyn history
  • review your obstetrical history
  • Any other medical history
  • Find out what exams are important and to maintain your health

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