My 3 Steps to Complete your Dreams even if THEY Laugh at You and they are going to Laugh at You

“Were you the nurse everyone laughed at?”


That is how a patient started our consult conversation last night. I looked at her funny and could fill a stir of emotions warming up inside.

“What do you mean laughed at?” I asked.

“You were the nurse that wanted to become a doctor. You helped me when I was first getting started in the field. You were so nice and helpful.  I remember you talking of going to Boston to become a doctor. Some of the other staff used to make fun of you for that. But you did it! You became a doctor.”

I let it sink in for a moment. I was unaware that my colleagues had laughed at my dreams behind my back. But why should I have been surprised. From when I was a little girl till now people laugh at my dreams and goals.


The funny part is they don’t laugh so much when I accomplish them!

Let people scoff and mock you- forgive them for they know not what they do.

You really want to show them? The only way to win is to accomplish your vision.

Here our my 3 steps:

  1. Never Lose Sight of your Vision 
  2. Never Lose Sight of your Ability to Accomplish 
  3. Believe in God and Miracles 

You must carry the flame of passion for what you want. You must know in your ability to accomplish your goal and you must have the confidence to obtain it.

Follow those steps and you will be the one laughing last and loud.

I looked at the nurse across from me. I wanted to hug her and thank her for sharing that information. I didn’t – that comes later. I spoke:

“So yes…I am Dr. Lara . How can I help you?”

dream big






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