This girl in Oxnard is getting Breast Implants and She doesn’t care what you think

“I want Breasts Implants and I want them now”

I want it now- breast-job-oxnard

The way she said it wasn’t so Veruca Salt. It was actually very cute. She was talking to her husband and joking around.  This, 40 minutes after her first visit with  Dr. K . Years of emotions and thoughts flushed through.

“I had always thought about getting them. I was never sure I could afford them.” she said.

Dr. Lara had worked with this patient previously. During her last annual exam she mentioned something about her breasts or lack of breasts. Dr. Lara suggested a consult with Dr. K, our resident Board Certified Plastic Surgery.

“I’m glad I took her up on the offer now. I love him. He’s very professional, smart and caring. I want to get them right now” she stated after her consult.

Yelp Review of Dr. K and Breast Augmentation Oxnard

The most universal reason patients choose to get Breast Augmentation surgery is to boost their confidence.  Other reasons could include reconstructive work and injury repair, but genrally confidence is always the key.

“I have nothing there!” she said with a laugh. “I have always been embarrassed with my partner and although they say they love me for me, I just know I will feel more secure and confident with the option.”

She shared with us a story of her telling a friend from Ojai she was going in for a consult.

“She cursed me out. She asked me why the hell would I go through this to be a slave to the male ego. I told her this is for me and not for anyone else. I also threw in that she is strong supporter of the transgender community, who has to go through cosmetic surgery, how could she scold me and support them? I want what I want and I want it now.”

Dr. Lara performs 6-10 Breast Exams a day. She says more than half her patients have had a breast augmentation, implant, lift or reduction.

“This is way different than Boston, where I would maybe have 6 patients a year who had surgery on their breasts. In California it is like a right of passage.” says Dr. Lara

Patients have many options now with breast implants. We suggest you meet with Dr. Lara and Dr. K to find out what is the best option for you. We suggest not rushing, there is never a need for an “Emergency Breast Job.”

Although you always should have the option.


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