Why Dr. Lara chose HD Liposuction over SmartLipo for her Oxnard Practice

“SmartLipo (Laser Liposuction) carried more risks”


Dr. Lara, an OB/GYN in Oxnard performs anywhere from 12-14 HD Liposuction cases a month. In the last few years, her specialty has been heavily solicited by the aesthetic and cosmetic device makers.

SmartLipo-Not Here!
Dr. Lara performing HD Liposuction, which she prefers over Smart Lipo

“You’re seeing my specialty, Board Certified Ob/Gyn  Surgeons now crossing over into the cosmetic portion of health care, and it makes sense, we work primarily with females in certain demographics and we are trained surgeons. OB’s know the female body inside and out. We have a connection with the mental, physical and spiritual elements.”

One of those companies is Cynosure, makers of the Laser Liposuction unit SmartLipo.


In the winter of last year, Dr. Lara was invited to a Cynosure event that focused on marketing atheistic practices. The other portion of the event was selling physicians cosmetic equipment, as the, SmartLipo units.

“I wanted to reaffirm my decision to go with the Euromi HD unit and not the Smart Lipo unit. One of my biggest concerns was the risk of burning the flesh. I was right. During a model demo, I knew I made the right choice in our HD Unit. As I tell patients our unit, the HD Liposuction unit, is the lowest risk with the highest yield of results.”

Dr. Lara’s concerns are not invalidated. The FDA has multiple adverse effects reports tied to the Smart Lipo unit. Her Euromi HD Lipo has none.

SmartLipo FDA Adverse Effects Screenshot

Here are the similarities between Smart Lipo and Euromi HD Lipo.


  • Both procedures can be performed awake
  • Both use a wetting or tumescent based approach in pre-suction. The tumescent approach, now an industry standard was not developed by a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, but a Dermatologist- Dr. Klein.
  • Both procedures physically “suck” or suction the fat and their fat cells

So some of the basics are the same, but differences are more in the approach to fat collection.

SmartLipo uses a laser to “heat” the fat. The theory is when the fat is at the right temperature it is ideal for suction.

Euromi HD Lipo uses NUTATIONAL vibration which help get in stubborn fat pockets, stimulates collagen repair, and reduces pain for the patient.


  • SmartLipo’s science is fuzzy and not proven. The risk of burning the skin to heat the fat is not worth it.
  • SmartLipo is typically a longer procedure which increases cost and risks.
  • Euromi HD Liposuction is a smarter, wiser and cost effective option.

“I truly think the proof is in the pudding as they say. Our patient feedback just from those who purchased on Groupon is 100 percent. In the office, we average between 88 and 95% patient satisfaction (SmartLipo averages 79%). The Euromi HD Liposuction is the optimal tool for removing fat and sculpting the body.”


March 2014: Feedback from Groupon Merchant Support for HD Lipo Deal


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