5 Birth Control Myths and 1 Truth that could maybe Save Your Life

Birth Control: Top 5 Myths-Celebrating Women Center


There are so many myths regarding Birth Control. Here are our 5 that Dr.  Lara, chief of Celebrating Women Center wanted to note and one very important reason you should discuss Birth Control with your gynecologist.

1. Birth Control Makes You Infertile

“This was a myth perpetuated by women who had irregular menses to begin with and started taking a form of birth control.” says Dr. Lara.

2. Birth Control Grows your breast

Many years ago when common birth control had higher estrogen counts, this could have a been a potential risk, but not with today’s versions.

3. You will gain weight

Previous formulas would cause pseudo pregnancy symptoms and women could put on extra water weight. In our current formulas this is not the case.

4.  You will lose your sex drive

“Anybody who know me will say this is my favorite topic (sex).Let me keep it simple:

Sexual Drive of the female is way more complex and intricate than a few extra hormones” says Dr. Lara

5. You will get Breast Cancer


In fact, a patient who has been on birth control for 5 years cuts the risk of developing Ovarian Cancer in half. Ovarian cancer is one of the hardest to diagnose and manage and when diagnosed is often a very advanced stage.

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