Liposuction Queen of Oxnard teams with Paper Street Soap Company


Press Release

Tyler Durdin, CEO of Paper Street Soap Company (Delaware) is pleased to announce Dr. Adrienne E. Lara, MD (Oxnard CA) as the newly appointed Chief Medical Officer of his high end soap company.

“This was not just a gut call” Tyler said by conference call “This was a calculated move based on the amount of volume this doctor was doing in California.”

Lipo Paper Street

Tristan Schaub, CFO of Celebrating Women Center said, “Tyler kept calling and calling. Finally, I said let’s meet. Where we met was unusual compared to most of my meetings. But, I did get to let loose with him. He’s a visionary.”

Dr. Lara’s first task as CMO is providing the FDA a report on the “Pink Goddess” line of Soap. Mr. Durdin said the soap is based on Dr. Lara and her patients in Oxnard.

Dr. Lara could be reached for comment but said Mr. Durdin has some interesting rules that excluded her from talking about Paper Street Soap Company and any of it’s other holdings.



April Fools!!!

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