Botox: The Laugh Releaser and Stress Reliever (April Specials at Celebrating Women Center)

Botox Specials and more… Specials for April


It’s that time of year…wait…it’s always that time of year. We’re out of quirky Buzzfeed inspired copy… so let’s get to the point! Here are our specials for the month of April in the year of 2014 in the land of Oxnard:


2 Great Prepaid Offers:

(must be a member of the Goddess Reward Program)

Save big by paying upfront for your Crows Feet and #11 Line Botox injections

Botox Specials-Crows Feet-Oxnard-Ventura

















Botox Specials-Camarillo-Oxnard-Ventura
Stop Looking Stressed! Botox for #11 Lines




Dr. Lara says

“When you look smooth, you feel smooth.”

50% Off the Goddess Weight Management Solution.

Physician supervised. Goddess Approved.

50% Off Goddess Reward Program Enrollment 

Get savings here, there and everywhere.

$2925 for Full Belly HD Liposuction

Save $1300 and get the best technique in Ventura County. HD Lipo is the most advanced modaltiy of Liposuction on the market today. Dr. Lara performs 12-17 cases a month at her Oxnard office location.



Botox Specials for Oxnard- Camarillo-Ventura- Ojai




















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