Liposuction for the Troops is on the rise in Oxnard

Stand at Ease and Suck in that Belly Soldier: Liposuction for the Troops in Oxnard.

Body Fat
Army Weight Control Program’s new stringent standards

“I love working with our service men and women. They are great patients. They listen and follow directions. They show up on time. It’s like they have been trained by somebody very well” Dr. Lara, Chief Medical Officer at Celebrating Women Center, says with a smile.

Wait men? For Liposuction? Liposuction for the Troops?

“About 20% of our HD Liposuction patients are gentleman. More than half of those men are from the base. We’ve also performed liposuction on husband and wife teams in service.”

Celebrating Women Center has seen an increase, like other practices, mostly due to the new standards the department of defense has laid down.

“Our troops have to look the part, play the part and feel the part now,” says Ray Ray, Dr. Lara’s medical assistant. “They come back for they’re follow up appointments, and they are very happy with the results. The pressure that brought them in is relieved, and weight has been lifted off their shoulders.”

“And their belly” says Dr. Lara.

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Celebrating Women Center offers an exclusive discount on top of their already industry standard competitive prices to our service people.

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