Before and After Liposuction: Celebrate Me Goddess

Liposuction Oxnard Before and After

Celebrate Me Winter 2014 Liposuction Winner

Every 3-4 months we get to run this awesome contest where we give away Free HD Liposuction. So far we have been blessed with some very special winners.

HD Liposuction is an evolution of old school lipo. The fat is still “sucked” out and fat cells are removed.

However, the hand-piece the doctor uses allows for smoother, tighter results and less downtime.

Before and After Liposuction

before and after liposuction oxnard


  Sample Operative Note from the Case:

Procedure Date: 4/14/2014

Physician: Dr Adrienne Lara, Celebrating Women Center

Assit: Raylene

Pre-Op Diagnosis: Desires Liposuction of Full Abs and Flanks/Mons

Anesthesia: Oral Sedation

Fluids (Input) 5000

Fluids (Output) 5950 (Fat 5000, Fluid 950)

Pure Fat Collected LBS -15

Procedure Time:  3 Hours and 39 mins

Procedure Notes:

Cannulas’s used:

Tri-port 4 and Tri-Port 3

Patient seems very happy so far with results!

Celebrating Women Center


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