Celebrating Women Center Review of Dr. K Oxnard’s Favorite Plastic Surgeon

Have you met Oxnard Plastic Surgeon Dr. K?

Here are some reasons you should!

It’s been a year since Dr. Lara went down to Beverly Hills for a training session with Dr. K and in the process extended an invitation to join our practice and see patients for areas (Breast Augmentations, Tummy Tucks, Facelifts and more) that Dr. Lara doesn’t cover. In that process, we have not only gained an educator, not only a colleague but a friend.

First a little story from Tristan Schaub, Practice Manage,  about  Dr. K

“Dr. K and I met through the internet. That never sounds good” Tristan chuckles to himself. “But really we did. I was trying to sell him patient communication software. I was really impressed by his attitude. He challenged me but also treated me with respect. Having dealt with over a few hundred plastic surgeon in my time and career I was prepared to meet an egotistical jerk and be on the defense. He was not a jerk he was….classy.”

In fact, Dr. K was the only Plastic Surgeon ever to refer Tristan another plastic surgeon.

“That was huge. That told me something about that man. I wanted to work with him from that point. No other plastic surgeon ever did that for me.”

And now a few years later Tristan and Dr. K are working together at Celebrating Women Center in Oxnard.

Oxnard's Favorite Plastic Surgeon


We could go on forever but here are some of the very best reasons to visit with Dr. K, Oxnard’s Favorite Plastic Surgeon

  1. Dr. K’s a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon
  2.  Transparent – Just the way we like things around here :)
  3. Dr. K loves to educate and teach
  4. He is damn good!
  5. Dr. K will tell you no and not take your money…ask Dr. Lara and her sisters. In an industry saturated and starving for the next dollar, Dr. K proves there is still a Plastic Surgeon with ethics. If you are not a good candidate for plastic surgery he will gladly tell you and why.
  6. Dr. K is specialist in breast, face, body and reconstruction 
  7. Dr. Lara put her stamp of approval on him! Enough said.  He get’s the “big picture.” While other plastic surgeon in Oxnard and the surrounding area wanted to go down one road when it came to Celebrating Women Center adding Liposuction to their services, Dr. K gladly accepted a colleague and friend instead of the other route.

Dr. K Plastic Surgeon Oxnard

So if you are looking for Plastic Surgeon in Oxnard….look no further. Meet our friend Dr. K


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