11 Wonderful Reasons Why HD Lipo is the Best Option for Lipo in Oxnard

So you’ve been looking at getting some Lipo?

And you are lost or confused by all the options?

Between Coolsculpting, Smart Lipo, Thermal Lipo, Like-Lipo and HD Lipo you are starting to wonder maybe you can just create your own Lipo?

We are admittedly biased, but here are 11 Reasons Why You Should Choose HD Liposuction.

1. You are not going to be put under

Lipo Anesthesia In fact you will be given an oral solution that will reduce and limit any pain and still be awake for the procedure. In some cases, due to health issues like type 1 diabetes it is recommended that a patient be put under local anesthesia. In most cases it is not required nor necessary as the risks and costs of the procedure will rise. Using the “Wetting” techniques and oral solution allows for you areas that are being worked on to be numb and not experience any pain or anxiety.

2. It’s Affordable

Affordable   Thanks to the vibration assist and the fact that the patient is not being put under most physicians can lower their cost with HD Liposuction. Throw in that Dr. Lara’s goal was to make this affordable for her hometown and you have one of the lowest cost options in Body Contouring – with real proven results. Costs range from $500 to $2925 based on areas.

3. It’s REAL Liposuction

Fat Lipo   This isn’t some fuzzy science or BS Thermal Fat removal system:  This is your “suck some fat and fat cells out forever” Liposuction

4. The results are Fantastic

With the stimulated collagen and ability to focus on results with vibration assist the results we get are Awesome. Add the most  tenacious team in Ventura County and we have the feedback to back it up! Liposuction as a whole as 60% positive feedback rating. In our office we run around high 90’s. Don’t take our word for it….just ask Groupon where we’ve run a deal on HD Liposuction for over a year Merchant Center   Feedback Lipo

5. Dr. Lara will be your Doctor

Dr Adrienne Lara HD Lipo Ok this reason we are really biased…but come on! Where else could you get a Harvard trained Surgeon who has spent over 20 years working with the female body.

6.  One Treatment is probably all you will need

Lipo Multiple Treatments Many of the alternative lipo treatments on the market require multiple treatments to get as little as 26% reduction in areas treated. HD Liposuction can get up to 88% reduction and our office averages under 2% re-treatment. Bottom line most cases are done and happy after one visit.

7. It’s Fast

time flies lipo Both the cases and recovery. Average case time is around 4 hours, downtime 3-4 days and patients can be back to working out in 2 weeks.

8. No Flesh Burning

Burn Lipo   This was real important decision factor when Dr. Lara was “shopping” for Lipo equipment.  There is no laser involved in HD Liposuction. Adding Laser into the mix of liposuction only increases the risk and cost.

9. Works on any BMI

bmi With HD Liposuction we can perform a detailed sculpting, Large debulking or Mixture of cases.

10.We can Remove up to 15 lbs of Pure Fat in One Visit

Fat 15lbs   That’s about 5000 cc’s of pure golden fat. The average case is around 6lbs to 9lbs.

11. Consults are Free

The first step is always the best step. Call us to schedule a visit to find out if HD Lipo is right for you!

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