What Kind of Pap Smear Result Are You?


What Kind of Pap Smear Result Would You Be?

Based on the last year of activity in your Love Life

Ok…so we went there. These quizzes are all over so we said “Why not create our own?”

But what could we do to have a little fun and educate with the prize of health care at the same time?


So the test is way out there for fun. And yes Pap Smears get a bad rap but they may be fun too. They are also important.

Celebrating Women Center and Dr. Adrienne Lara does thousands of Pap Smears a year. We make them unique, fun and use them as a teaching moment. Most important: Pap’s do not have to hurt!

pap smear result oxnard

 Common FAQ’s Regarding Pap Smears

How often do I need to get a pap smear?

The amount can range from every 6 months, a year, 2 years to every 5 years. Every woman is different and it is best to consult with your doctor or gynecologist

When will my pap smear results be ready? 

At long as 3 weeks.

Should I always schedule a follow-up visit for my pap results? What if nothing is wrong?

It is always best to follow the advice and requirements of your doctor.

Does a Pap Smear Hurt?

It shouldn’t

Call us if you have any questions about Pap Smears!




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