Dr. Lara’s Favorite Things on Netflix this Month

This is what we love on Netflix Right Now!

Ok so what do we do when not working 14 hours a day 5 to 6 days a week? We stream Netflix like everyone else. Read what Dr. Lara and the team at Celebrating Women Center are watching when not sucking fat or doing pap smears.


Dr. Lara Celebrating Women Center








Orange is the New Black

Ok so this one is a given right? Dr. Lara is addicted to OTNB and who isn’t? The characters, the flow and the vibe just keep getting better and better.

Dr. Lara Oxnard











Another Netflix Orignal Full disclosure: Dr. Lara finished season 2 in 2 days. She couldn’t stop. Right from the start of season 2 and the thrilling ending to episode one to what happens to Frank at the end kept her clicking “Next Episode.”

Dr. Lara











You probably didn’t know that streaming on Dr. Lara’s Sirus XM is the comedy stations all the time. Maybe it’s because of her work that comedy keeps her sane? This Tom Papa special had her roaring and giggling for hours.

Dr. Lara's











Sometimes super weird and creepy is just what the soul needs. This movie did it’s job and more as Dr. Lara watched twice.

dr. lara's oxnard







You can also bet that on a Sunday morning that Dr. Lara is listening to NPR or watching one of the many Ted Talks on Netflix.

What are some of your fav’s on Netflix this month?


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