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To exam or not to exam the pelvis….that is the question.


First of all this subject only arose because in 2014 the American College of Physicians. This is a group of internal medicine specialists, issued a recommendation against pelvic exams for low risk or non-pregnant patients. ACOG  (American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology) relying on their experts has stood by their longstanding recommendation of annual exams …

Cancer from Bad Luck? Vagina Destroys Penis? Botox for Millennials?


My new vagina almost ruined my partner’s penis A British woman who underwent surgery to improve her sex life ended up with none — after her vagina mutilated her partner’s penis. After going seven years without sex, she underwent an operation to lift her prolapsed bladder with a plastic mesh sling called a transvaginal tape, which …

Botox vs. Fillers: Which is right for a 805 Goddess?


The difference between toxins (including Botox) and fillers can sometimes seem confusing While Botox and fillers are commonly used together, they work differently and are used on different lines.” Botox Botox can be used with various areas of the face, ranging from the forehead to the frown lines between the eyes and the crows feet. …